Since 1995, the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland has offered accreditation in building conservation to its members as a means of meeting the requirements of funding bodies, employers and clients. Accreditation confirms that these practitioners are suitably qualified and experienced to act as the lead professional in conservation work.

Accreditation ensures that all RIAS members have a route by which they can demonstrate their extensive knowledge and experience in conservation work. It also demonstrates their personal competence to administer grant aided conservation schemes and provides a forum for conservation specific continuing professional development (CPD).

Individual Members are accredited. Applying for Conservation Accreditation requires information about the member's career, qualifications and further areas of study or professional development. This is supported by case studies and information demonstrating the application of judgement and the member's particular role.

Applications are assessed by two members of a panel of senior RIAS members with extensive conservation architecture expertise.

Accreditation is to one of two levels ('Advanced' and 'Accredited'). 'Accredited' members may apply for an upgrade to 'Advanced' if they meet the eligibility criteria (refer to application and guidance).

The accreditation scheme offers clients information about their proposed architect, and confidence that an accredited architect has been able to demonstrate that they have specific knowledge in this area of work. However, in addition, clients should still undertake their own careful selection process to ensure that the proposed architect is suitable for their project.

Levels of Accreditation


Senior - Recognised Conservation Specialists


Standard - Competent in Working in the Historic Built Environment

View Architects with a conservation accreditation.

RIAS members looking to obtain a conservation accreditation should visit the members page on Accreditation in Conservation Architecture.

To access the Criteria against which Accreditation Schemes would be considered by the 4 Home Countries, click here

To view the UK Home Countries Heritage Bodies Position Statement on Conservation Accreditation on repair grants click here

For further information contact Elaine Dobie at the RIAS on 0131 229 7545.