Eastfield Farm Road

Eastfield Farm Road

Bracewell Stirling Consulting

Information taken from the RIAS Directory of Architectural Practices in Scotland, an incredible resource of Scotland's architects and the many design and construction projects that they have undertaken.

RIAS Staff

Senior Management

Neil Baxter Hon FRIAS Hon FRIBA

Secretary and Treasurer


Joined: March 2008. Oversight of RIAS policy, governance, business planning and budgets. Overall responsibility for the Incorporation’s membership services, Consultancy, Practice Services, accreditation schemes, events, publications, outreach, political liaison, CPD, educational initiatives and awards.

Carol-Ann Hildersley

Senior Manager: Secretary and Treasurer’s Office


Joined: April 2010. Management of the Secretary’s and President’s offices, oversight of communications and events, administration of PPC and Council, research, Editor of RIAS Quarterly. Delivery of RIAS communications, events and awards.

Louise McLeod

Senior Manager: Finance and Administration


Joined: November 1986. Responsible for all human resource and central services functions including finance, audit, salaries, pensions, member pensions, annual contracts, insurances, personnel, recruitment, membership, staff management, IT, health & safety, the building.

Maryse Richardson

Senior Manager: Practice


Joined: April 2003. Manages Practice Services, secretariat for RIAS Practice committees and production of quarterly Practice Information, legal and contractual queries, maintaining the RIAS suite of Standard Forms, managing dispute resolution expert panels, management of conservation and sustainability accreditation.

Karen Stevenson

Director: Policy and Development


Joined: April 2017. Required to deliver a range of policy and outreach projects to RIAS members, external stakeholders and the public, including architecture awards, CPD seminars and events, alongside production of the new, annual, month-long, Festival of Architecture.


Jennifer Bamford

Archive/Secretary’s Office Assistant P/T

Joined: February 2017. Key roles include organising and cataloguing the RIAS archive, supporting the Senior Manager of the Secretary’s Office with day to day tasks, assisting other departments when required and Reception/Bookshop duties.

Stuart Bryce

Manager: Bookshop P/T


Joined: September 2012. Managing RIAS Bookshop, including sales of architectural appointments, certificates, administrations forms and up-to-date and archived building contracts. Telephone, website and direct sale to members and the public of RIAS publications and a wide range of architectural books.

Valérie Decker

Communications and Events Assistant/Festivals Assistant


Joined: June 2016. Festival of Architecture co-ordination, event management, awards co-ordination, internal communication including website content management, editorial assistance for RIAS Quarterly, e-bulletins, media monitoring. Responsible for updates to the Online Directory.

Elaine Dobie

Practice Administrator


Joined: March 2013. Practice Services support, administers conservation and sustainability accreditation schemes and the RIAS Energy Design Certification Scheme. Coordinates the e-PI Bulletin, Practice Services website updates and online research.

Hayley Kyle

Finance and Administration Assistant


Joined: July 2015. To provide additional support to finance and central services functions, financial processing and filing, assisting with catering and meeting set-ups, post and mail and to provide cover for reception and other departments.

Maureen Johnstone

Senior Finance and Administration Assistant


Joined: March 2003. Support for finance and central services, financial processing and filing, coordination of internal room bookings, oversight of RIAS catering and meeting set-ups, assisting membership, post and mail, management of office recycling.

Veronica Low

Manager: Commercial


Joined: May 2011. Advertising sales and sponsorship for the RIAS Quarterly. Sale and distribution of RIAS publications and space rentals in Rutland Square. Also responsible for sponsorship liaison for RIAS events.

Janet Nixon

Manager: SBCC P/T


Joined: May 2014. Ensuring that the RIAS contract for the Scottish Building Contract Committee’s endeavours is effectively delivered, including new contracts, online provision, annual lecture and annual conference. Support for SBCC Drafting Committee and Board.

Charlene Rankin

Manager: Membership / RIAS Consultancy


Joined: March 2002. Management of Membership and Members’ data, RIAS Consultancy, Scottish Community Projects Fund, Architect in the Hoose (charity fundraising campaign) and the RIAS Clients Advisory Service.

Lena Sideri

Receptionist / Bookshop Assistant P/T


Joined: September 2016. Dealing with incoming calls, meeting and greeting, opening and logging mail for distribution, ordering stationery and monitoring stock, dealing with suppliers, maintaining press cuttings file, bookshop cover and support.

Lorraine Sutherland

Senior Receptionist / Bookshop Assistant P/T


Joined: June 2005. Dealing with incoming calls, meeting and greeting, opening and logging mail for distribution, ordering stationery and monitoring stock, dealing with suppliers, maintaining press cuttings file, general administration duties. Bookshop cover and support.


Office Dog P/T


Joined: March 2008. Works to maintain a stress-free working environment, occasionally enliven meetings and ensure a focus on the key agenda priorities (biscuits and sandwiches). Introduces a Zen-like calm by generally wandering about and sleeping under desks.

Advisors / Consultants

Marjorie Appleton FRIAS

Practice Services Consultant P/T


Joined September 2010. Advises on Practice Information and matters relating to its publication, content and delivery. Oversees the content, design and development of all technical information issued to practices and chartered practices.

Jon Jardine

Graphic/IT Designer


Joined: October 2014. All RIAS graphic and IT design, marketing productions and coordinating approach across all platforms and continuity in visual productions and publications, particularly RIAS Quarterly and the RIAS website.

Brian Moore Hon FRIAS

Director: Consultancy P/T


Joined: 1995. Manages all aspects of architectural competitions, deals with procurement issues for architects and improving procurement in architecture by ensuring value-based selection procedures in all RIAS Competitions.

Eleanor McAllister OBE Hon FRIAS

Director: Strategy P/T


Joined: October 2015. Overall charge of strategy review and producing new corporate strategy for 2017-2022.

John Norman Hon FRIAS

Accountant P/T


Joined: April 2008. Annual budget, quarterly accounts and detaied reporting to Council, annual statutory accounts for RIAS charity and RIAS Services Ltd, VAT returns, ledger management/supervision, RIAS/RIBA membership reconciliations, annual audit, payroll issues, other tax and financial issues, as required.