Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) or Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) can help identify the performance gaps and unintended consequences of design decisions on the in-use performance of buildings. Which is why building owners, operators and users are increasingly considering BPE/POE as a key part of the building process.

To answer this demand, MEARU (Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit within Glasgow School of Art) are developing a new CPD programme of BPE/POE projects and other studies of buildings in use. MEARU leads the way in industry applicable research and training.

We envisage sharing our BPE research findings (perhaps during a lunchtime or over a longer session) to open a dialogue on ways in which this knowledge can be implemented in practice and live projects.

The following questionnaire should take you less than five minutes. Please share it amongst your colleagues and further contacts within the construction and building industry.