At a Special General Meeting held on 28 June 2018 in the Albert Halls, Stirling, 57 Chartered Members of the RIAS voted unanimously in favour of significant and progressive reform.

New Interim Bye-laws allowing;

nominees for President to be drawn from all the Chartered Membership,

the President to be voted in by Chartered Members by ballot,

Student and Associate (graduates working towards Part III) Members to vote for a maximum of two student/ associate representatives on Council by ballot.

The RIAS believe this is the first vital step towards refreshed governance making the RIAS stronger, more accountable and better placed to champion the profession as well as having a much more engaged membership.

Candidates for President of the RIAS will present their statements for membership debate over the summer.The new President will be installed at an AGM in the Autumn.

Details of the Presidential, Incorporation and student representative’s elections will be released at the beginning of July.

We would urge all members to participate in these elections and to help make the RIAS the organisation you would wish it to be.