You may have received a couple of spam emails appearing to come from the RIAS in recent months. These are known as 'Phishing emails' and definitely did not come from the Incorporation.

The easiest way to identify a spoof email (someone pretending to be someone else) is to look at the ‘From’ line. See image above.

The above screenshot is from the reported email. As you can see it says ‘From: Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland' If you look at the associated email address, it says ‘’. If it came from a RIAS address, for example, it would say ‘mailto:’

You should note here that this is not the only way to identify spoof emails as some are more clever and can hide this.

The most important thing is that you need to be aware of IT Security and be aware and on the lookout for emails with potential harmful links or attachments or emails portraying to be from someone they are not. If you are not 100% sure – ask. Ask a colleague, IT contacts or even the supposed sender if anything seems out of the ordinary.

Unfortunately, the world of phishing emails is becoming more and more common, and with the likes of this email, the only thing we can really do is spread awareness.