© Andy Scott Public Art

RIAS Consultancy has been commissioned by Falkirk Council to manage a competition to select an architect-led multi disciplinary team for the design of the internal space being created within a giant sculpture of one of two horses' heads by the sculptor Andy Scott; and for the design of a complementary visitor hub on the same site.

The competition is in two stages; an open stage inviting architects to submit a 400 word statement setting out their reasons for believing that they should be shortlisted; and a second stage in which five shortlisted bidders will be invited to submit two A1 boards and to attend an interview with the judging panel.

If you want to receive the competition documents please notify your interest to Charlene Byrne, Consultancy and Membership Manager, at cbyrne@rias.org.uk.

The closing date for the initial submission of 400 word statements is Monday 5th December 2011.