As stipulated in the Incorporation's Charter and Byelaws, its governance is federal with the six Chapters (Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Stirling) electing office bearers and representatives to the ruling Council to sit alongside nationally elected members, senior committee convenors and co-optees. Council in turn elects the President and other office bearers.

President Stewart A Henderson PRIAS
Past President Willie Watt PPRIAS

Chapter Presidents
David Chouman (Aberdeen)
Diarmid McLachan (Dundee)
Julie Wilson (Edinburgh)
Isabel Garriga (Glasgow)
Stuart Bagshaw (Inverness)
Liliane McGeoch (Stirling)

Karen Anderson (Chair of A+DS)
ASSA: Chairman
Hugh Crawford (Planning Committee Convenor)
Jocelyn Cunliffe (Conservation Committee Convenor)
David Dunbar (FoA Convenor)
Kerr Robertson (Practice Committee Convenor)
A Gordon Smith (Education Committee Convenor)
Mike Towers (Contracts Committee Covenor)

Chapter Representatives
Aberdeen: Sholto Humphries, Richard Slater
Dundee: Sandy McAllister, Jon Frullani
Edinburgh: Ben Rainger, Roderick Binns, Charles Strang
Glasgow: William Gunn, Euan Geddes, Michael Jarvis, Jude Barber, Robin Webster
Inverness: vacant
Stirling: Ally Croll

Incorporation Representatives (Nationally Elected)
Dr Gordon Anderson
Donald Canavan
Christine Palmer
Alex MacGregor
Shane Rodgers
Gordon G Smith
Victoria Jarvis

Ben Derbyshire PRIBA
Fraser Middleton (North)
Kerr Robertson (South)
Richard Murphy (Nationally Elected)

In Attendance
Peter Anderson (RIAS Legal Advisor)
Euan Hardie (Student Rep)