Out of Site, out of Mind

The RIAS site signboard is one of the simplest, cheapest and most effective means of advertising the work of your practice. The RIAS board also identifies your project as the work of a Scottish Architect, helping not only your practice, but also the profession in Scotland as a whole. It is the only architects signboard to be made in Scotland, and the royalties on the design are used to finance other promotional activities to benefit practices in Scotland.

New advertising methods are now coming into use, such as large scale screen printed banners which we welcome as an excellent corporate advertising tool. However, if your sign board is reproduced in this way, a royalty must still be paid through your signboard supplier, who will provide the necessary art work.

Licensed Manufacturers

The only manufacturers licensed to supply RIAS site signboards are those listed below. The Incorporation crest is registered as a trademark and fully protected by law. Other manufacturers are not licensed to reproduce it. Please read the guidance notes before ordering site signboards.

Licensed RIAS Signboard Suppliers

Elizabeth Hamilton,
Harold Jackson Screenprint Ltd,
986 Pollockshaws Road,
Glasgow G41 2HE
Email: sales@jacksonscreenprint.co.uk
Tel: 0141 649 1783

Lisa Aagesen
Block 14, First Road,
Blantyre Industrial Estate
Email: sales@norsign.co.uk
Tel:0845 3812345

Martin Delaney,
Haven Sign Factory,
Block 6,
8 Central Park,
Email: info@havensignfactory.co.uk
Tel: 01324 213022
Web: www.havensignfactory.co.uk


Please obtain quotations or send orders direct to the licensed manufacturers.

Guidance Notes

From time to time members ask for variations to the standard signboard and this has placed the onus of explaining the position on the manufacturers who have been appointed by the RIAS to make the boards. These notes have therefore been prepared with the object of giving members guidance, prior to placing an order. The intention is to keep the layout of the board as simple and legible as possible, all licensed manufacturers have details of the agreed typography. The design must remain standard: no office or company logos are permitted other than professional affixes such as RIAS, FRIAS, RIBA, FRIBA, MRTPI, FRTPI, or RMaPS etc.


The board is available in three materials: Fasson (a flexible self-adhesive plastic), rigid vinyl, and aluminium. There are two sizes: 4 x 1 (1.219 x 0.305m) and 8 x 2 (2.438 x 0.610m).

Layout and Content

The boards are yellow (Pantone 107C). The RIAS crest, all lettering and lines are green (Pantone 336C).

Above the top line will appear the words, Chartered Architect or Chartered Architects.

Note Architect or Architects alone is not permitted.

Between the two lines will appear the practice or office name next to the RIAS crest. No place names will be given. There will be a maximum of two lines for the office name plus, where necessary, a third line in smaller type for description, e.g. Architects and Planners or Architects and Surveyors or Architects and CDM Co-ordinators etc.

Only practices where at least one partner/director is an RIAS member are entitled to use the board.

Below the bottom line will appear one of the following alternatives:

  • the place name or county, and telephone number (STD code plus number)
  • a web-site address and telephone number
  • the briefest possible address.
  • Words such as telephone, fax or e-mail will not appear. Telex numbers will not be given except for overseas addresses. The inclusion of additional place names such as : Also at Norwich, Bristol and Glasgow is discouraged.

You can download the guidance.

If you have a query contact:

The Practice Department,
The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland
15 Rutland Square,
Edinburgh EH1 2BE
Tel: 0131 229 7545