Arbitration and Adjudication, Mediators, Expert Witnesses and Independent Reporters

The RIAS provides an informal dispute resolution service on behalf of members whose clients have concerns about architects' services. The RIAS is happy to discuss problems and offer assistance and advice whenever possible. The aim is to help resolve difficult situations without the involvement of third parties. The RIAS also maintains a list of arbiters and adjudicators. For further information, please contact the RIAS Practice team.

Client Advisory Service

The RIAS operates a Client Advisory Service, free of charge, to the public. Potential clients are offered a selection of practices in their area, sourced from the RIAS Online Directory. Everyone who enquires is sent guidance on working with an architect. For further information contact RIAS Consultancy or see the RIAS website.

Employment Advice

Employment law advice is available to our individual members. Our HR legal advisor offers an initial consultation. Please contact who will direct your enquiry.

Practice Services

Members of the RIAS can join RIAS Practice Services, a subscription-based service which provides invaluable support on all aspects of practice including advice notes on legal and contractual matters and general information on publications and events of interest. If you are interested in subscribing your practice, contact the RIAS Practice team.

RIAS Insurance Services

RIAS Insurance Services aims to deliver competitive rates for Professional Indemnity Insurance for RIAS members and assists members in the selection of the most suitable cover available.


RIAS established a partnership with Professional Financial Services (PFS) in 2009 to create a financial advice service for members at both a corporate and personal level. For further information contact RIAS PFS.

Raising Awareness and Political Lobbying

The RIAS is committed to raising awareness of the value of good design and to lobbying on behalf of architects. As well as its strong advocacy role on behalf of practising architects, the RIAS works with the Scottish and UK Governments and A+DS in joint, high profile projects to promote awareness of architecture and the built environment. Members are encouraged to become involved through:

  • joining the various specialist RIAS Committees and RIAS Council to contribute to the work of the Incorporation and influence the services to members and work of the profession,
  • representation on other bodies,
  • raising political awareness of MSPs through the Cross Party Groups, including Architecture and the Built Environment, and by direct approaches to MPs and MSPs on matters within their remit.

For further information please contact the Secretary & Treasurer.


The Incorporation supports The Association of Scottish Schools of Architecture (ASSA) in joint endeavours to promote tertiary education in Scotland and to communicate with students at all levels. For further information, contact the RIAS Practice team.

Members' Room

The RIAS new members' room is named after the RIAS' first female President, Dr Joyce B Deans. The room on the ground floor of our HQ at 15 Rutland Square is open to members during our office hours (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday), providing free coffee, daily newspapers, trade journals and an opportunity to meet colleagues or friends in an informal setting. Members may also make use of the meeting rooms and the Council Room at a discounted rate.