Use of the RIAS Suffixes and Crest

Members are entitled to use the suffix 'RIAS' and Fellows are entitled to use 'FRIAS'. Members are also entitled to use the RIAS crest on letterheads, websites and their own promotional materials. (However, use of the crest by third party organisations, i.e. in directories or published advertising is not permitted). Terms of Use for the crest are available upon request to the RIAS Membership team.

Use of RIAS Site Signboards

The RIAS Site Signboard is one of the simplest, cheapest and most effective means of advertising the work of your practice. The crest can only be used on the approved signboard design from our list of suppliers. Signboards are only available where at least one Principal or Director is a member of the RIAS. Contact the RIAS Membership team for further information.