The Glasgow Urban Design Panel (GUDP) is a group of volunteer representatives from public and local interest bodies; who share their knowledge to inspire the best possible outcomes for the city. Built Environment Panelists’ are drawn from a range of sectors and together comprise a network of highly respected specialists. The Panel is jointly coordinated and chaired by City Design at Glasgow City Council, The Glasgow Institute of Architects (GIA), and the Glasgow Civic Forum (GCF). The panel members are drawn from a range of organisations which seek to provide special expertise to the Design Review process and are passionate about design and the delivery of quality places in Glasgow.

The GUDP is looking to increase the pool of Built Environment Experts (BEE’s) we can call upon to attend select Panel Design Review Sessions, on behalf of the city. We are looking for specialisms in housing, education, commercial, retail, transport, public health, heritage, conservation and urban design. The applicant should have key competencies in inclusive and sustainable design; advocacy and analytical skills; experience at both strategic and operational level; and of both large and small scale projects.

Please note this is a voluntary role, for select panel meetings and will not be subsidised.

If you would like to be considered for the role please submit an A4 biography: including a photo; key competencies; current roles; specialisms and number of years in chosen vocation. Applications are to be emailed to:

Application Deadline 7th March 2019