The RIAS was founded in 1916 as the professional body for all chartered architects in Scotland. It is considered to be the foremost professional institute in the country dealing with architecture and the built environment.

The Incorporation works closely with The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and members living and/or working in Scotland are encouraged to take up joint membership - allowing them to enjoy the benefits of membership of both organisations at no extra cost. Both organisations speak with a united voice on behalf of architects and architecture within Scotland and, where appropriate, the UK and overseas.

The RIAS promotes the development of Scottish architecture to the public, offers architects' clients safeguards when dealing with our members and regulates the profession and provides services to members.

The objectives of the RIAS are to:

  • organise and unite in fellowship the architects of Scotland and to combine their efforts for the general advancement of architecture;
  • foster the study of the national architecture of Scotland and to encourage its development;
  • research, collate and publish information on services of interest to members of the profession and to the public at large;
  • maintain the status and protect the interests of the profession; and
  • exercise professional supervision over its members and promote competence.

Membership Benefits

Members receive discounts for the annual Convention and CPD events and access to specialist provision such as the RIAS's own insurance service as well as a wider network of support and shared knowledge through the six RIAS Chapters. For detailed information on benefits of RIAS membership, visit Member Benefits.

Criteria for Membership


RIAS Student Membership of the RIAS is free to all architectural students studying at one of the five schools of architecture in Scotland. Student members based outside Scotland who wish to retain their membership can subscribe for £5 per year.


RIAS Associate membership of the RIAS is free to all architectural graduates (working towards Part III). Associate members based outside Scotland who wish to retain their membership can subscribe for £5 per year. RIAS Associate Membership Form


Applicants for RIAS Chartered Membership Application of the RIAS must be currently registered with the Architects Registration Board . You must have either been born, studied or living in Scotland to be eligible. If you wish to obtain joint RIAS/RIBA membership, you must return your completed RIAS application form to the RIAS membership department and the RIBA membership application directly to them. The RIAS will deal with joint membership subscriptions (one fee covers both) in Scotland and the RIBA will invoice joint members based elsewhere in the UK and overseas. There is no need to send money with your application, you will be invoiced on approval from our respective Councils.

Members who opt for RIAS Only membership and are under 6 years qualified will be put on a sliding scale subscription rate - this means it will gradually increase each year to make the jump to the higher rate of membership (6 years qualified) less severe.


Current RIAS members in senior positions with many years of accomplishment in the profession may apply to become Fellows of the Incorporation. Members can also be nominated for Fellowship by their peers. However, there is an additionall membership fee for practicing members so the nominee should be made aware. Nominations go to RIAS Council each quarter for consideration and award. If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague/ friend, please first seek their approval contact for a nomination form.

Fellows Medal - Order Form

Honorary Fellow

Honorary Fellows of the Incorporation are nominated by the Incorporation's members. This honour is intended for persons of distinctions in recognition of their eminence in international architecture, art, science, literature or contribution to the public life of Scotland.


The Affiliate class of membership is intended for those with an interest in architecture who wish to support the aims of the Incorporation. Affiliate support enables creation of relationships and understanding between the architectural profession and the rest of Scotland's people. RIAS Affiliate Membership Application


The Academic class of membership is intended for ARB registered architects who are working in one of the Scottish Schools of architecture in an educational capacity and not practicing as an architect. Academic Membership Application Form

RIBA Criteria for Membership

For information on the RIBA's classes of membership and the criteria for joining, follow this link to the RIBA website: Joining the RIBA.

Subscription Fees

Both the RIAS and RIBA run their subscription year from January to December. You can download a Direct Debit Mandate 2019 form. (please note: RIAS run Direct Debits from Jan - Oct.)

Reduced Subscription Fees

Members who are unemployed, low income, on a career break or on maternity leave may apply for a RIAS Reduced Subscription Application Form. The reduced rate for 2019 is £80.00 and this also covers Joint RIAS /RIBA memberships.

Retired Membership

If you are retiring and would like information on transferring to the retired class of membership, please read the following Retirement Information and compete and return the RIAS Retired Membership Application Form directly to the RIAS Membership Department.

For any further information please contact our Membership Manager Charlene Rankin at or phone 0131 229 7545.