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Resolving Disputes

When you use a chartered architect you are protected; skills have to be exercised to the standards established by the professional body, in professional conduct and in the procedures by which your appointment is executed.

A chartered architect is obliged to uphold the reputation of the profession and fellow professionals; to carry out work on behalf of clients honourably, independently and efficiently; and to declare any interest which might conflict with the status of an independent consultant architect.

The RIAS has published guidance to assist clients with any difficulties that may arise concerning an architect's appointment. See our Guide to Dispute Resolution. If your concerns are serious, your complaint regarding conduct should be addressed to:

The Architects' Registration Board (ARB)
8 Weymouth Street
London W1W 5BU
020 7580 5861

Please note that the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) can only offer general advice to clients and is not able to comment on individual situations or provide legal advice. If you have an enquiry on matters regarding an RIAS member, these must be submitted in writing to:

Panel of RIAS Members


If matters cannot be resolved by negotiation mediation is a cost-effective and quicker alternative form of dispute resolution to reach an acceptable compromise The RIAS maintains a list of appropriately qualified mediators. This list is available on enquiry from the RIAS.

Expert Witnesses

The RIAS holds a list of accredited expert witnesses who can give opinions on construction disputes and professional competence disputes. The list is available on enquiry from the RIAS.


The RIAS is an authorised Adjudication Nominating Body. Upon formal request the Incorporation will nominate an adjudicator from a list of accredited senior members of the profession. An administrative fee is charged for this service.


Arbitration needs to be considered where a dispute has arisen which seems incapable of ready solution by ordinary amicable discussion. The RIAS will nominate an arbitrator from a list of suitably qualified experienced members. An administrative fee is charged for this service.

For information on dispute resolution and RIAS nomination procedures, please contact Maryse Richardson, Practice Manager,