Reception and Security Remodelling, London


WYG designed and remodelled the foyer spaces in the Ministry of Justice, 102 Petty France (originally designed by Sir Basil Spence) as part of our role supporting the Ministry of Justice. This included the initial option development, construction package and then as Technical Assessor for the works on site. The project featured key refurbishment elements such as increased security measures to ensure the safety of staff and public, an increased number of security pods to replace the existing security turnstiles, an opening up of the space and a range of sustainable measures.

As part of this requirement we incorporated a raft of technically challenging specialist security measures, including equipment (which had very specific physical installation requirements) and construction types (including ballistic reduction wall build-ups). This was all achieved within a live building, maintaining security for a key government facility and on a constrained site in the centre of London.


United Kingdom



Ministry of Justice




  • Interior design
  • Refurbishment