Nepal Post-Earthquake Reconstruction


Following the devastating Nepal earthquakes that destroyed entire communities in 2015, WYG pledged technical support to Community Action Nepal (CAN) for the reconstruction of 30 schools, health posts and other key infrastructure in remote Himalayan locations.

Our Architecture team have been overseeing the design of multiple projects, utilising UK and previous international seismic experience to provide technical scrutiny and quality assurance to the charity, assuring donor funding is spent appropriately and ethically. Embracing the charity’s ethos of capacity building and reducing donor dependency, we have been working closely with local consultants and builders to grow their technical skills to make the local vernacular of stone masonry construction more resilient to earthquakes.

This is particularly crucial in such remote locations that are often forgotten or extremely difficult to access, and so the harmful effects of poor construction and donor dependency are amplified.


United Kingdom


Cara Buchan
Principal Architect


Community Action Nepal (CAN)




  • Conservation
  • Education
  • Health
  • Sustainability