Dental Surgery, Arbroath

Voigt Architects Limited

The client is undergoing an expansion of his dental practice, incorporating a re-branding and new corporate identity. The main brief was to create a contemporary state of the art dental surgery, extending into the 2 adjacent shop units.

The proposal creates a new unified street frontage and a new entrance into a large spacious waiting room and reception area. Full height frosted glass windows lets lots of natural light into the surgery, with the new surgery logo etched into each pane. The internal finish is crisp and modern, with bright white walls and specially chosen ‘tooth’ chairs and stools to compliment the nature of the building which have been a huge hit with children and adults alike. The teeth chairs are very sculptural, almost toy like and children have found these fun seats to sit in whilst in reception, helping to break down the fear of waiting in a dental reception.

Going to the dentist is a huge fear for many children (and adults!) and the NHS Scotland have made huge steps in helping to make the trip to the dentist more comfortable with the introduction of ‘child smile’ rooms for checking the teeth of very young children. Unfortunately many of these ‘child smile’ rooms are mundane and clinical, and quite daunting for young children.

We have always been inspired by Children’s hospitals with their bright colourful spaces, with large sculptural elements in their architecture, interior design and often ‘fun’ wall murals. We wanted to bring this concept into our dental surgery design we created a concept for an ‘aquarium’ with bright walls filled with aquatic animals, and the wallpaper design was carefully chosen to be fun, bright and colourful. We took further steps to introduce coral reef flooring, and ‘water’ ceiling which would make you feel like you were underwater. When presenting our ideas to the client we were fortunate to have their ‘in-house specialist’ (our client’s daughter!) who loved our proposal!

The finished childsmile space has been the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the dental surgery and the reaction by children and the staff have been very positive, and also something the NHS is looking to explore for childsmile surgeries over Scotland.

We worked closely with the client and also the NHS trust to develop the design, and the result is an exciting modern alteration to an expanding local business.

The dentist is now fully opened and the reaction has been extremely positive both from staff and patients alike. The teeth chairs by XO design work fabulous and the 'aquarium' child smile room turned out fantastic. Great client, fun project and excellent contractor.

“We are hugely grateful to the highly skilled team who have worked so hard to create such an innovative and impressive practice.” Ian Robertson Dentist


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