Dundee Station

Dundee Station

Nicoll Russell Studios

This development is a key component of Dundee City Council’s wider central waterfront redevelopment and most critically the realisation of the adjacent V & A at Dundee. The new station concourse will contain a grand arched ticket hall, with improved access to platform level alongside, a ticket office, automated ticket facilities, real time travel information, a restaurant, a retail unit and a hotel. Nicoll Russell Studios are collaborating with the international engineering practice Jacobs. Over recent years Nicoll Russell Studios have developed a growing portfolio of rail and station projects.

The hotel will have 120 bedrooms, meeting rooms, a breakfast room/restaurant/bar and the hotel reception. This has been designed to provide “mid market” rooms and facilities synonymous with its city centre location. The hotel has been benchmarked against other new hotels of this nature, and reflects input from Scottish Enterprise, SDI, the Council’s own Economic Development Department and after they were identified the hotel operator themselves.

The new concourse sits on a new bridge spanning over a cutting, the rail lines and platforms. In turn the platforms will be accessed via new escalators, stairs and a lift thereby greatly improving accessibility and legibility. This is complimented by the transparency of the arched ticket hall which greets the traveller and underlines their sense of arrival.


Dundee Station
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