Glenside Rothienorman - Masterplanning

Michael Gilmour Associates

Rothienorman is a village approximately 25 miles north west of Aberdeen, north of Inverurie. The site is relatively flat with a slight decline in level to the North. The site is set within the settlement boundary of Rothienorman in close proximity to the centre of the village with views to the open countryside with access to the site currently via an extension of the Main Street.

The development incorporates a mixed use scheme for 69 houses and 5000 sq. ft. of commercial space and is designed to give a strong sense of place using a hierarchical series of spaces beginning with the main square and permeating through to interlocking streets, lanes, pends and courtyards.

The character and uniqueness of this urban landscape is formed by using a variety of appropriately designed and positioned house types which combine to enclose and define a space be it a street, lane, pend or courtyard. A mixture of 1,2 & 3 storey terraced, semi detached and sentinel house types combine to form these hard edged high density urban spaces giving each one a unique sense of place whilst reflecting the materials and vernacular of the surrounding architecture.

The project was developed using a Masterplanning following a 3-stage process. Key to the projects success was collaboration with partners, communities and stakeholders, which aids progression from design to implementation. Through a series of studies, public events and Charrettes, the first study phase provided a comprehensive understanding of the existing place, existing community, technical constraints, natural opportunities and the aspirations of the local community.

The second phase established the project brief and tested layouts to respond to the brief, while acknowledging the aspects identified in the study phase. The outcome of the second stage was a feasibility site layout, that identified the structure of the design proposal. The layout was presented to all stakeholders and community members for their feedback before the final stage of the Masterplan is prepared.

The final stage of the masterplanning process developed the feasibility layout in to a full detailed proposal which resulted in a successful planning application.

This project was recognised by the Scottish Government as exemplar project in masterplanning and was Awarded the overall Scottish Award for Quality in Planning in 2011


United Kingdom


John Buchan


Scotia Homes Limited


August 2011


69 units + 500sqm c

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