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The Garioch Life Centre sought to create an integrated healthcare and healthy living centre in Inverurie. The "healthy living centre" ethos encourages the public to adopt a new attitude to healthcare by integrating primary healthcare provision with social work, community care services, information and advice, alternative medicine treatments, and voluntary support groups as well as . By including these uses which complement its core functions, the building can promote personal well-being in a broader sense, rather than just treating the symptoms of illness. As such, it would have become the first building of its kind in Scotland, and an example of "best practice".

The public areas of the building are organised around an open 'atrium' with a glazed roof which creates a bright, airy volume in the principal social space of the building. This atrium will also become a venue for exhibitions and events, as well as a foyer for the Centre. Although the building is planned as a number of discrete zones which house its different functions, all of these are connected using link bridges. This approach will make it simple for the building's users to orientate themselves, making the building's planning legible, which in turn will make the Centre easy to use.

The project was developed through to Work Stage F (Production Information), with Planning consent and Building Warrant approval received. Unfortunately due to the economic crisis and reduced Healthcare/infrastructure budgets, the project was abandoned.


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