51 Affordable Houses for Langstane Housing Association

51 Affordable Houses for Langstane Housing Association

Michael Gilmour Associates

This project forms the first phase of the regeneration of North Fraserburgh and as such it attempts to totally alter the perception of this part of the town from being a depressing semi-industrial area into a bright and cheerful seaside settlement. The development was derived in part from a study of local precedents of coastal villages in the north east of Scotland where it was seen that dense terraced housing forms hard landscaped spaces sheltered from the often extreme coastal environment. Further to this the houses were designed to help create a sense of community by creating a series of courtyards promoting a sense of ownership over the immediate surroundings whilst promoting close connection with a group of neighbours small enough to promote social interactions and avoid anonymity. A rear garden allows for a retreat private space.

The courtyards adopt the homezone principle which restricts the use and speed of cars by the careful position and design of urban landscaping to create a pedestrian friendly and safer space. The development also utilises a series of clearly defined linked spaces creating a sense of place whilst allowing permeability through the development with links to the coast including a large open landscaped area.

The houses are sufficiently highly insulated to allow the omission of a central heating system. The maximum heating requirement being 2-3Kw per unit. This is the largest development in the North East of Scotland to be built on this principle.


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Michael Gilmour


Langstane Housing Association


October 2010




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