LDN Architects LLP

LDN Architects is best known for its award-winning approach to conservation blended with creative contemporary design that recognises that history must be made in the 21st century as well as respected. Our approach is to develop an understanding of each project and then to develop designs that address the needs of each client, building user, and the wider community. In this way designs are developed that are self-evidently the right solution in each context. We deliver Understanding of each client’s requirements; Imagination in creating designs that fully meet those requirements; and Commitment to delivering a successful outcome for each client.

Chartered Practice

LDN Architects LLP is an RIAS Chartered Practice.


The Elms
29 St Leonards Road
United Kingdom


01309 673221


01309 676397


    Awards won

    Recent projects have won RIAS, EAA, IAA, GIA, RICS and Scottish Design Awards and a Europa Nostra Prize for Cultural Heritage. Three projects have been shortlisted for the RIAS Andrew Doolan Best Building in Scotland Prize and LDN won Practice of the Year at the Scottish Design Awards in 2011.

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