Amenity Housing in Elgin for Hanover Scotland Housing Association

ICOSIS Architects

This project provides amenity housing in Elgin for Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association comprising 18 flats and 3 accessible cottages.

The 18 higher density flatted dwellings are split into 6 blocks on three floors and aim to provide a ‘bookend’ to the northern extent of a residential zone in this area of Elgin. A run of cottages to the south address the street and tie into the residential scale of the existing dwelling on the opposite side of the road. At the heart of the development is a communal garden. The development is higher to the north and lower to the south minimising overshadowing of the communal garden. Vehicle access has been restricted to the North and South boundarys allowing the main body of the site to remain car free. It’s connectivity to the locale stems from the retention of a variety of existing pedestrian routes in and around the site.

A rational layout minimises the built footprint and maximises the (permeable) landscaped areas, whilst achieving the best orientation for all the dwellings in terms of passive solar gain. Maximising solar gain serves to reduce the energy load of the development relating to heating and lighting, and an efficient centralised heating system has been implemented across the development Trees were specified to assist with natural solar shading in the summer months and the landscaped garden designed to encourage communal use for all the residents.

Given the flood risk posed by the adjacent river, solid ground floors and brick-faced outer walls were used for all the ground floor properties, with highly insulated timber clad / timber framed construction on the upper floors. Sedum blankets were installed on the Flat roofs to encourage biodiversity and help mitigate heavy rainfall, with zinc used for the Cottages and entrance canopies.


Kesson Court
Haugh Road
United Kingdom


Euan Millar


Hanover Scotland Housing AssociationnProject Manager - Julie McKinnon



2150 square metres


  • Residential