Barmulloch Residents Centre - BCDC

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The site’s original community hall dates back to 1957, built by tenants in what was then one of Glasgow’s new housing schemes. It was the first, and for many years the only, community facility in Barmulloch and was administered by volunteers serving in Barmulloch Tenant and Residents Association. Used and loved by generations, the Tenants’ Hall became unfit for purpose in 2005. A company was formed to raise funds for a new multi-use premises and to provide social economic and welfare services.

Collective Architecture was appointed in 2007 to undertake a feasibility study for the existing community centre which explored a number of refurbishment, extension and new build options. It took 10 years from that initial appointment to deliver the project on site, and during this time Collective Architecture continued to work closely with the client to help achieve the capital funding targets from over eight funding bodies.

The centre, principally funded by the Big Lottery Growing Community Assets Fund, is constructed with a glulam timber frame and locally sourced sandstone. It is designed to be highly sustainable and provide flexible activity spaces to meet the needs and aspirations of local residents. Air source heat pumps provide underfloor heating throughout to reduce running costs and sustain the building well into the future.

The building delivers two main flexible activity spaces separated by a folding partition, contained within a single-storey sloping roof. Ceiling coffers formed by the structural grid of the glulam beams provide a strong identity for the building while also framing generous rooflights intended to reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day.


Barmulloch Residents Centre
54 Quarrywood Road
United Kingdom


Alan Smith
Project Architect


Barmulloch Residents Centre


February 2011


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