Due West

cameronwebsterarchitects LLP

The site for the new house is situated on the Lunga peninsular in Argyll and Bute, on the West coast of Scotland. The journey, along a dirt track to the site offers glimpsed views towards the sea and the islands and upon arrival the new house sits within a gap on a cliff edge, facing West. Various titles were given to this site – “the cleft in the cliff”, the “shack in the crack” and our job as architects was to harness the power of the precarious site position and control the stunning views that are revealed once you enter the house.

There was a need for a range of different spaces, some that allow for a comfortable feeling of shelter and a cosy intimacy: perhaps “seeking beauty in darkness” where

we have tried to contrast the sunny glazed living area with darker spaces leading into it at the edges.

Externally there is comfortable and sheltered garden which offers the lower bedrooms, a close view of the exterior, brings light in and sits in contrast to the wide, long views to the West.

The materials are deliberately simple and controlled to allow the close relationship with the rocks to be expressed. The engineering of the site has allowed the precarious nature of a cliff edge to be retained as part of the dwelling experience and adds to the drama of view, height + edge.


Lunga Estate
United Kingdom


Stuart Cameron


Mr and Mrs Gordon Turner


November 2016