Roselea Cottage

AXN Architecture Ltd

Roselea Cottage is a Grade-C listed cottage located in Luss by Loch Lomond. Our client sought to reinvigorate and add drama to a piecemeal dwelling that had been extended 'ad hoc' over the century. Our goal was to resolve the fragmented composition of the existing property. The narrow plan design solution, with extension and selective demolition opened up the interior spaces to provide a multifunctional space that could be intimate when necessary, whilst making the most of limited floor space available. Large expanses of triple glazing and south facing rooflights 'eyebrows' were introduced to the largely North facing dwelling. The spaces are designed to open up to the garden whilst introducing any visitors to the warm inviting home slowly, past warm and tactile materials. The entrance and progression through a series of increasingly intimate spaces arouses anticipation and results with a feeling of security within the home. Opening up the interior spaces increases the feeling of openness and light whilst flexible screens allow for an intimate space by a reinstated hearth. The result is a dramatic and elegant home, that utilises all available space and light to the maximum. The dramatic form is emblematic of the approach to life of the client. Adventurous and inviting.


Loch Lomond
United Kingdom


Ciaran Bradley B. Sc. B. Arch
Director/ Project Architect





  • Conservation
  • Historic