Ballone Castle

Ballone Castle

ANTA Architecture

Ballone Castle is a Category A listed, Z-plan, late 16th century castle comprising 4 floors in the main tower with a two storey gatehouse wing built c1623. New, local Caithness stone has been used in the restoration of the 17th century wing, with large slates over the new veranda. New stonework is a different colour so that it is in keeping, but clearly different to the old walls. The cliff-edge was completely rebuilt, with an integrated, small, glazed-wall extension to capture the view. Unusually, there were no latrine shafts in the walls of the tower. so most services were taken up the flues There was one new waste pipe for the bathrooms in the tower and it was embedded in the rebuilt concrete stair. Under floor heating was used throughout so radiators would not be seen and it took 2 years for the wet stone of the castle to dry out fully after it was installed. New wooden sash and case windows replaced older sash windows. Evidence of the original leaded windows was left alone and is still visible. Harling was ïfeatheredÍ to the edges and the dressed stones around windows and doors. No water has got inside since it was harled. Roof: Ballone does not have a wall-walk, so does not have the issue of water coming through a flat stone roof. The new slate roof was based on evidence in the building and it remains fully watertight since completion. Second hand Caithness Slate was used with copper nails and lime fillets with lead soakens beneath giving a traditional junction between roof and crow steps.


Ballone Castle
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