Recuperar © Annabelle Brading and Sean Fitzpatrick


Annabelle Brading and Sean Fitzpatrick

University of Strathclyde

Project Description

During boot-camp soldiers are put through a dehumanization process that is central to military training. This regime separates them from their memories and relationships with loved ones. The main purpose of this training is to integrate soldiers by “stripping them of their civilian identity and replacing it with a military identity.” There is no method currently to re-humanize or reintegrate soldiers when they come back from war causing many to have an identity crisis and therefore do not know where they belong. The military specifically target towns with lack of opportunity when recruiting. This means that in specific areas of Scotland veterans struggling to return to their communities. We believe that the communities can help them get their lives back on track and help re-huminize them. A better way to describe the profound effects that destruction and rebuilding has on a persons life is what Siza describes as ‘recuperar’. “To recuperate means to bring back to life but also back to consciousness.”