Querencia, A Sanctuary from the City © Róisín Tinneny

Querencia, A Sanctuary from the City

Róisín Tinneny

Mackintosh School of Architecture

Project Description

The thesis questions whether architecture can provide a sanctuary from the illnesses created by the contemporary city. The proposal is called ‘Querencia’ drawing upon a Spanish metaphysical concept. In Spanish, querencia describes a place you go to instinctively as you know you will be safe there, a place from which one’s strength of character and energy is drawn. This exemplifies the programmatic ideal of a secular urban retreat and giving people the notion of being able to transcend the situation of the city. The architectural concept explores the ‘inner world’ and works to integrate the park along the western corniche into a series of courtyards and inward looking spaces. The external expression of the building is strong, and silent and the internal atmospheres are serene and otherworldly. Views from the internal spaces and cloisters into the courtyards help to provide a tranquil environment.