Monument and Matrix: Dialectic Oppositions © Craig Mathers

Monument and Matrix: Dialectic Oppositions

Craig Mathers

University of Dundee

Project Description

Following 20th Century deconstruction and rebuilding, Dundee city centre is symptomatic in its fragmented character; traces left by a series of unconnected decisions form a conglomerate of objects without coherent structure.

In the interest of re-inhabiting the city centre, how do we give form to this chaotic process without sanitising qualities that are enriched by the collisions of autonomous parts? Rejecting a total planning view, this thesis exploits plurality, generating a discussion where spatial attitudes of object and enforced matrix; planned and unplanned; or- der and chaos coexist.

The interventions of residential city enclave and urban monument present a dialectic between these oppositions and forms a new com- posite urban whole. The ‘matrix’ that de nes the enclave acts as the background to everyday life, making sense of the ad-hoc, while the ‘monument’ contributes to the inherited ensemble of structures and legibility of the city.