Living on a Terrace © Sophia Rusinova

Living on a Terrace

Sophia Rusinova

Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment

Project Description

’’Living on a Terrace’’ responds to a brief for a ’’New Gate Way’’ located in Aberdeen, Holburn Junction. This housing project offers an untraditional way of living in a free open plan spaces parted from the limitation and enclosure of interior walls. The layout is designed to reflect the idea of the living space attached to service cores as a terrace. Where the blankness and wide amount of area functions as empty canvas for the residents to express their individual style and preferences and type of function they need from the living area. But also highlights the beauty of the architecture through the detailing and emphasizing the texture qualities of materials and furniture. Designed to function independent from the city grid and operate in environment friendly way and to create new urban environment surrounding the residence of social intensity and nature for the residents and the public.