Form of Space © Hannah Jane Cattanach

Form of Space

Hannah Jane Cattanach

Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment

Project Description

Located in Aberdeen, the Form of Space project is based on the premise that resilient and sustainable places can be created by juxtaposing ordered and disordered urban strategies. Historically, we began with disorder, with spaces organised around meeting people and social interactions; with the progression of time and knowledge, our disordered urban spaces have become ordered and measured to fit with the intellectual idealism of clean lines. Disordered spaces can be confusing but they can also be interesting, ordered spaces can be inflexible while being clear and simple, and by bringing elements of each together we can create varied and resilient places, as a measure of both order and disorder is necessary for true balance and resilience of place.

Winner: A&DS Urban Design Award

Close reading of the place, texture and fabric and a good understanding of how people relate to their place.
Judges’ Comments