Eidsvåg Fish Farm and Visitor Centre © Robert Wightman

Eidsvåg Fish Farm and Visitor Centre

Robert Wightman

Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment

Project Description

The project is located out in a Fjord north of Norway’s second largest city. The scheme is a large source of employment for this new settlement on the water. The project is framed by a scenario in which Norway falls victim to a decline in the Oil and Gas industry. However, with the country the world’s largest exporter of fish, the Salmon industry could provide sustenance. The collection of buildings deal with a often strained relationship between consumer and producer, bringing the two closer together in the form of a visitor experience, but one that allows the constant activity of aquaculture to continue. The architecture responds directly to industrial buildings and the agricultural vernacular of Norway, whilst elevating it to that of public building.

Winner: The RIAS Andy MacMillan Drawing Award

He communicates the scheme very strongly, with clarity, tremendous artistic integrity and the quality, beautiful images in their own right.
Judges’ Comments