Between Space and Time © Priscilla Joseph

Between Space and Time

Priscilla Joseph

Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Project Description

The 2008 recession has driven the need for social and economic change in Athens. Out of this negative legacy emerged the solidarity initiatives of the Sharing Economy. In a city where inhabitants were now time-rich but economically poor, these programs provided alternative trading methods. How could this economic change impact urban proxemics? How do architects design for a city in transition? My proposal explores in detail one form of alternative currency that gained popularity post-recession - the Time Bank. Time Banks trade in hours, allowing users to exchange their skills. I focus on the work of the Athens Time Exchange which currently hosts trades online. In my proposal I create offices, facilities and a co-housing centre for this organisation within an abandoned structure: the former headquarters of the IKA Pension Organisation. This micro-city proposal acts as the node of my masterplan, which includes a communal greenhouse and cooking school.