Artist Housing / Buried at Sea © Jamie Miller

Artist Housing / Buried at Sea

Jamie Miller

University of Strathclyde

Project Description

Both projects are situated in the heart of Glasgow, with Artist Housing located on the Candleriggs in the Merchant City and Buried at Sea located at the Anderston Quay by the River Clyde. The Artists Housing provides apartment types to cater for a variety of user typologies, whilst the material palette harmoniously compliments the aged aesthetic of mercantile Glasgow. Buried at Sea salvages the lost cultural identity of Glasgow’s shipbuilding industry through a performance illustrated by its built narrative. Visitors are taken through series of spaces that emulate the atmospheres of the shipyards as a processional journey towards the final main performance space. The sound of rivet gun echoes through the building from this space that projects numerous silent films of archival shipyard footage. Together, these projects compliment Glasgow’s historic value whilst re-interpreting it in a contemporary manor without sacrificing it’s Value.