The Diachronic Garden, Nicosia, Cyprus © Chiara Fingland, Sarah Comfort

The Diachronic Garden, Nicosia, Cyprus

Chiara Fingland, Sarah Comfort

Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Project Description

The Diachronic Garden waits, heavy with anticipation, it’s negotiable edge fluctuating along the Green Line, extending through Nicosia and maintaining the divide between Cyprus’ Turkish North and Greek South. Acting as a capsule landscape, the decaying terrain caught between the city’s fortified bastions is agitated and activated, cultivating land, initiating industry and hosting seasonal festivals, puncturing the buffer zone with vibrant colour and celebration. The Garden forms a lived in landscape occupied by a regiment of Concierges and gatekeepers. The Gardens’ containing Cloister alternates between architectural and landscape interventions, the city interacting with the landscape through proximity and distance, preserving its protection through carefully choreographed points of limited entry. The Diachronic Garden matures, filling with floral niches, orchards, vineyards and plantations. These generative proposals form bridging points which allow access across the Cloister, allowing the city to acknowledge its edge, enveloping or distancing itself, responding to its many possible futures.

Commended: A&DS Urban Design Award

A very significant amount of work has been brought together in a beautifully illustrated and careful analysis to project a convincing narrative for the future of this long neglected cityscape.
Judges’ Comments