The Camp at the City’s Edge © Nick Green

The Camp at the City’s Edge

Nick Green

Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Project Description

The thesis takes the divided city of Nicosia, capital of the cloven island of Cyprus, as the setting for an urban scheme exploring the nature of the edge and the residual in architecture. Developed through a series of empirical processes relating to cartography and model making, The Camp at the City’s Edge is a landscape programmatically grounded in real world concerns – recycling the precious water of the city and mediating passage between the island’s two territories. Fascinated with the layering of cities, the project offers an absurdist critique on the fallacies of ideal planning, alongside the narrative of an apocryphal character, Roccas Mula.

Formed of 11 bastions, the Model is a defence of the Camp, of an attitude towards the City. Offering views of an architectural proposal across a range of scales, the installation can be read as architecture in itself, exploring the relationship between artefact and representation.

Commended: The RIAS Rowand Anderson Silver Medal for Best 5th Year Student

Fascinating collection of drawings and superb models of fantastic complexity. This scheme addresses a present day challenge with enthusiasm, although it is, at times, somewhat opaque.
Judges’ Comments