Self-rising market: Urban bread making © Dana Cherepkova

Self-rising market: Urban bread making

Dana Cherepkova

Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Project Description

Using a bottom-up design strategy and transposing the geometry and structural logics of veneer facade system that responds to the changing environmental conditions I developed a full process bakehouse with a market complex. Located in Fountainbridge area of Edinburgh in-between two separated neighbourhoods and stretched alongside the canal extension the project bonds local communities through learning traditional bread making processes. Future users are encouraged to participate in all stages of bread production from grain milling to final baking, taste the products in a café and buy bread and flour at the market. Architecturally, the building is designed around “matryoshka principle” where sets of mechanisms are placed within unit frames, which are supported by major structural frame. Moreover, the geometry of the architectural volumes reflects the industrial past of the site as well as meets the programmatic requirements.