Red Hook © Lewis McNeill, Andrew Thomson

Red Hook

Lewis McNeill, Andrew Thomson

University of Strathclyde

Project Description

Red Hook, located in the New York borough of Brooklyn, was once the busiest port in America. Through the 1950’s there was a mass exodus of industry in the area and unemployment soared. Today it’s once prosperous warehouses lie vacant and disused. Proposed is a route that weaves through and between the urban-fabric of the neighbourhood - The industrial red brick warehouses on the coast that form the identity of Red Hook.

Paved in red bricks the road creates a link for the community, protecting the character, history and nature of the place, whilst providing a barrier from future flooding. Badly hit during Hurricane Sandy the neighbourhood struggled to recover. The boardwalk becomes a movable defence from the rising sea levels that threaten the area with flooding.

The journey on the Red Hook waterfront highlights its past and, in once again becoming ‘The Walled City of Brooklyn’, protects its future.

Highly Commended: A&DS Urban Design Award

Building within a context of post-industrial dereliction, this scheme carves new uses from the existing while respecting the rich history and projects a potentially sustainable future. A very elegant set of drawings.
Judges’ Comments