Pathos Gate Redux © Johnathan Lynne, Suzanne Priestly

Pathos Gate Redux

Johnathan Lynne, Suzanne Priestly

Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Project Description


The cloven city of Nicosia, Cyprus. A post-war urban condition of two divided nations, a bufferzone of no-mans land marking a border through its historic centre.


The Paphos Gate Redux proposes to re-activate the city’s dormant western gate, currently held within the Buffer-zone, utilising it as a new threshold between nations.


The proposal is developed around the performance of opera and the negotiation of land. Through these themes a dialogue for resolution is instigated. The abandoned spaces of the bufferzone are reinvented as vessels for a new aural and graphic landscape, creating architectures of performance, recital, and debate which are incrementally incorporated into Nicosia’s socio-political narrative.

An agora for both nations remains bare as memorial to the bufferzone in contrast to Nicosia’s urban density. The displaced earth of the Agora forms a new parkland, rehoming the nature of the bufferzone, rebalancing the fragile condition in which the city is held.

Winner: A&DS Urban Design Award

A sophisticated and clearly thought through set of drawings, demonstrative of careful and painstaking analysis. The evolution of ideas towards providing a viable long-term solution is elegantly expounded within a set of drawings and models of real verve, a sense of pleasure and an exacting focus on the detail.
Judges’ Comments