Marine Research Centre, Eidsvåg, Norway © Daniel Cardo

Marine Research Centre, Eidsvåg, Norway

Daniel Cardo

Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment

Project Description

The Marine Research Centre is located in a proposed sustainable settlement within the Eidsvåg bay, Norway. The proposal focuses on the transition of developed skills associated with the oil and gas industry and their application towards creating a healthier economy concentrated on maritime industry and tourism.

The Centre is positioned on the north side of a small island within the bay. The design is an adaption of the vernacular boat shed form found on the east coast of Norway. The three forms hold different functions and relate to one another on a horizontal level at the ground. This floor is open to the public as a ‘learning aquarium’ with temporary displays positioned in a framework of clearly articulated spaces with a restrained material palette.

The surrounding context has been developed to support the settlements growth; this includes landscape interventions as well as an inhabited bridge that provides accommodation.

Winner: The RIAS Rowand Anderson Silver Medal for Best 5th Year Student

Consistent drawings, well referenced with care and technical provision to create a careful and well resolved scheme. The references are appropriate and add to the sheer quality of this convincing winner.
Judges’ Comments