Kasernenareal, Zurich © Jordan Stocks

Kasernenareal, Zurich

Jordan Stocks

Mackintosh School of Architecture

Project Description

Switzerland has been neutral since 1515, a status formally recognised and guaranteed by the great powers of Europe after the Napoleonic Wars in 1815. Swiss neutrality is recognised as having deeper roots than any of Europe’s other major neutral states. This 300 year period has seen fundamental events take place that are associated with the formation of the Swiss neutral stance as well as having enabled ‘modern Switzerland’ in general. A general notion of non-partisanship is synonymous with the country; it forms one of many essential components in the structure of Swiss culture.

A question has risen from the notion of architecture and identity; the potential power of a piece of architecture to ‘belong’ to a group of people and inherit a deeper spiritual meaning that is ingrained beyond the realms of the superficial.

Does architecture have the power to facilitate the identity of a nation?