Edisvag’s Outdoor Room, Bergen, Norway © Gavin Douglas

Edisvag’s Outdoor Room, Bergen, Norway

Gavin Douglas

Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment

Project Description

The outdoor room, Eidsvag, Norway, is an exploration into how urban space should be designed in a climate and culture that is not equal to the majority of Europe. The design explores the subtleties in how users interact and remember elements of urban design and has such been designed as a space for transitioning rather than gathering. The design relies upon subtle suggestions in materiality, dimensions and level changes to create an urban space that is linked to the unique site DNA and Nordic location. The drainage has been inspired by the work of Carlo Scarpa and is used to celebrate the climactic conditions, where as the Bergen granite paving dimensions are used to imitate the suggested act of transitioning and gathering. The changes in paving dimension and texture as well as tree selection and placement combine together to create a journey where elements are revealed and obscured.