Distillery Cooperative, Aberdeen © Janis Vilcins

Distillery Cooperative, Aberdeen

Janis Vilcins

Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment

Project Description

Distillery cooperative was an architectural response to the investigation of city edge development as a consequence of the new bypass. It was developed as a periphery-specific project responding to the condition of being between the urban and the rural. On one side it is exploring the possibilities of industrial production to generate activity in suburban area; on the other it acts as a ‘lighthouse’ for the new settlement when being approached from the new city bypass.

Distillery tower is developed as the central element which is powering and generating density of wide range of activities around it. Following this idea, a modular, efficient and economic structural module is applied all across the site. The steel frame acts as a unifying element of the whole development where the character of each function is defined by the way in which the continuous structure is inhabited.

Eventually this also lead to an extended thesis research in the idea of universal structure as an ambivalent space for communal use of wide range of different activities.

Commended: The RIAS Rowand Anderson Silver Medal for Best 5th Year Student

Rigour and integrity combine with good analysis and simple, powerful forms to create a consistent and convincing scheme.
Judges’ Comments