Cultural Landscape - A Man-made Topography © Bikem Korkuter

Cultural Landscape - A Man-made Topography

Bikem Korkuter

University of Dundee

Project Description

This project explores how the geometric realm of architecture, in relation to natural landscape, recognises the natural and cultural values of a place as key elements of the design through a collective masterplan for Broomhall Estate and a primary school within the masterplan as individual design project.

The new school building extends from an existing farmhouse, folds around a courtyard and rotates to me with the edge of masterplan’s green finger to resolve the conflict between the geometry of masterplan’s grid and the farmhouse. The classrooms cluster around the courtyard which provides a view of the surrounding landscape in a sheltered space. The refectory in the middle of the two classroom wings is cut into the slope mediating between the formal architectural space and the natural landscape. Buildings, courtyards, paths and sport fields are consciously landscaped architecture creating a cultural campus for the students and wider community.