Analogical Ravenscraig © Fergus Low, Robbie Miller, Elspeth Tayler

Analogical Ravenscraig

Fergus Low, Robbie Miller, Elspeth Tayler

University of Dundee

Project Description

Ravenscraig, the derelict site of an ex-steelworks on the western edge of the Glasburgh Corridor, is critical in redeveloping the Scottish post-industrial landscape. The diminishment of heavy industry has left only trace remains of the once iconic Steelopolis. Aborted development plans have failed to fill this void, leaving behind isolated fragments in the suburban wilderness. A burgeoning population demands a response to urban development in Scotland, an alternative vision, as the sprawl encroaches.

The project takes a formal approach to urbanism, reinterpreting the dialogue between architecture and the city when confronted with projected population growth. Montage is used as a tool of imagination, an iterative catalyst of design. Canonic city plans provide instantaneous samples of density, scale and form within the infrastructural context. Reciprocating between drawings and models, the result is a series of interconnected hybrid blocks, City Condensers, that capture and frame the intensity of urban life.