A New Gateway © Johanna Kleesattel

A New Gateway

Johanna Kleesattel

Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment

Project Description

The focus of the project is the Holburn Junction, located close to the city centre of Aberdeen to design social housing.

Aberdeen aims to increase its population by 28% by 2037 and create a successful City Centre where people aspire to live, because the oil industry is decreasing currently and Aberdeen has to maintain its economic position. In the best-case scenario, this will lead into a thriving, dynamic commercial City that will reflect the prosperity and opportunity that already exist in the area and will contribute in the North East of Scotland.

Comparing how people lived a century back to now, we can establish a pattern that people tend to live more isolated by themselves now. However a sense of community has positive effects on a good living environment. The focus is a Multigenerational House to counteract cluster living that will enhance the interaction between various user groups.