Weather, Water and Place © Peter Harford-Cross

Weather, Water and Place

Peter Harford-Cross

University of Strathclyde

Project Description

Glasgow is a city of weather and the elements. Weather systems from the Atlantic cross the flood plains to the South and break against the hills to the North. Northern winds bring snow and ice in winter. Although inland, the city is directly linked to the sea via the tidal Clyde estuary. This salt water meets fresh in the lower reach of the Clyde’s tributary: the River Kelvin. Since the retreat of industry and shipbuilding the last reach of the river has become isolated and inaccessible.

By drawing on both its natural and man made features this project attempts to re-imagine the banks of the Kelvin as an area of activity serving the public and encouraging and celebrating the use of the outdoors. The final link of the Kelvin walkway is repaired allowing access to the river down to the Clyde linking the isolated Riverside Museum to the heart of the West End of Glasgow.

Winner: A&DS Sustainable Design Award

This is design beyond the building. Small interventions are proposed to deliver substantial change. The proposal addresses issues of social disconnection, generating a more walkable city, enhancing the mobility of residents. This approach is about many strands of the sustainability agenda from the socioeconomic down to energy and the details of the built environment, all brought together with consummate care.
Judges’ Comments