The City of Collective Memory © Colin Baillie

The City of Collective Memory

Colin Baillie

University of Dundee

Project Description

Experiencing the diverse stratification of historic layers in the contemporary city, with the immediacy which is often evident, has an undeniable potency. In a visually orientated contemporary culture, the picturesque image of the city is often valued above all else. The city however, is rich in associations, both personal and in a wider cultural context; individual and collective.

Through the process of drawing, collating and collaging, a methodology for understanding the urban environment is sought, aiming to form a basis for urban projects which are richly discursive and associative. In the text “The Architecture of the City”, Aldo Rossi postulates that the city is the manifestation of “collective memory”. This project develops a personal understanding of Rossi’s theoretical writing, using the salient points of his argument to investigate the rich and diverse urban fabric of Leith.