S(OIL) © Agnieszka Zagorska


Agnieszka Zagorska

University of Strathclyde

Project Description

Extraction and processing of crude oil has alternated our land, leaving behind miles of pipelines and infrastructure that have affected the natural environment with the force of a disease spreading parasite. The outcome of such action can be seen in the State of Louisiana. For the number of deaths that are associated with living in close proximity to the refineries, the 150 miles terrain along the Mississippi River has been nicknamed a ‘Cancer Alley’.

The project focuses on visualizing area’s future redevelopment into a petrochemical - free region. The design is located in Norco which facilitates one of the first refineries to be transformed. The strategy is to restore its landscape by the process of bioremediation. The project re-designs a typical river barge into a research laboratory which can later connect with other floating facilities and create a main soil cleaning centre. The bioremediation process lasts around one hundred years; therefore the facility can be easily adjusted and rearranged depending on the needs, while providing the employment and healthy environment for the nearby town.