Salthouse / Hydropath © Bruce Doran

Salthouse / Hydropath

Bruce Doran

Mackintosh School of Architecture

Project Description

The two projects presented, Salt-house and Hydropath explore the themes of wellbeing through Salt & Water.

‘There and back again a [Saltcoats] tale,’ is a proposed urban strategy to integrate a Salt-house into the heart of Saltcoats. The Salt industry has a rich history within the town, the proposal seeks to establish Saltcoats as Scotland’s home of salt.

Salt is the catalyst by which a regeneration strategy is centered. This strategy seeks to establish a strong civic centre within the town that is linked into the history and culture of Saltcoats, whilst creating an infrastructure for economic and social wellbeing within the town.

‘Escape from the city - therapy for stress,’ proposes a hydropath to bring wellbeing to those suffering from stress related illness, set within the stunning landscape of Culzean Castle. Water and landscape are the catalyst to which a calming and stress relieving experience is created.

Highly Commended: A&DS Award for Best 3rd Year Student

Sensitivity to context underpins this approach. The drawings give a strong impression of the tactile quality of the proposed materials, the play of light upon them and the effect of human occupancy.
Judges’ Comments